Primal Kitchen Tuna Salad


Now that we've discussed healthy condiments in detail here's an idea for how to put them to good use.  Tuna salad is something that I loved to eat growing up until I learned about the processed seed oils and trans fats that lurk in most conventional mayos.  I started to opt for Italian tuna salad instead relying on olive oil instead of mayonnaise.  Recently though I've discovered Primal Kitchen's mayonnaise made with a base of avocado oil and free of gluten, dairy, sugar, soy, canola, and trans fats.  I used their healthy take on mayo to create a healthy tuna salad recipe that still brings me back to my favorite after school snack.  I like to make a big batch at the beginning of the week to use on toast and salads all week long.  Recipe below.

Primal Kitchen Tuna Salad    

-3 five ounce cans of line caught albacore tuna

-1 head of broccoli

-1 carrot

-1 scallion

-1/2 cup sunflower seeds

-1/2 cup currants (optional)

-1 tablespoon Primal Kitchen mayo

-1 tablespoon Primal Kitchen honey mustard vinaigrette

Prep the broccoli slaw by cutting the head from the stem and placing the head of broccoli, the stem of broccoli, and the carrot into a food processor with the grater attachment until it is evenly shredded.  Finely chop the scallion.  Combine the broccoli slaw, the scallion, the sunflower seeds, and the currants if desired in a large bowl.  Add one tablespoon of mayo and one tablespoon of honey mustard vinaigrette and stir until they are mixed in evenly.  Enjoy on toast, on a salad, or by itself!   

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