Three Ingredient Cookie Dough

Cookie dough has always been my weakness.  I would choose dough over baked goods every time and with gourmet edible cookie dough finally getting its long overdue moment I'm finding myself more tempted than ever.  I challenged myself to try to make cookie dough without any gluten, sugar, or dairy and I'm honestly surprised at how good this turned out.  This recipe combines protein powder, almond butter, and coconut milk for a cookie dough that only tastes decadent but is actually high in protein and healthy fats.  It's suitable for both paleo and ketogenic diets with only 10 grams of net carbs in the entire batch.  I love adding a little bit to coconut yogurt in the morning or to nice cream or arctic zero at night.  Mostly though you'll just find me mainlining it straight off of a spoon!  Recipe below.

Three Ingredient Cookie Dough

-2/3 cup vanilla mushroom protein powder

-2 tablespoons nut butter (Use whatever you like best.  I love Moon Juice's raw sprouted almond butter and Artisana Organic's raw cashew butter.)

-4 oz unsweetened coconut milk

Combine protein powder, nut butter, and coconut milk in a bowl and mix until a doughy consistency has formed.  Add cacao nibs, chia seeds, nuts, dried fruit, or anything else you normally love in your cookie dough and stir into the mixture.  Refrigerate for 15 minutes to let the mixture set and then spoon it out into tablespoon sized bites to be enjoyed later or spoon it directly into your mouth to be enjoyed immediately!