Beauty and Wellness Workshop

This weekend I hosted a beauty and wellness workshop to have several inspiring women share on their holistic approaches to beauty from the inside out.  Sally Smith of Love Yoga led us in an invigorating flow and cleansing breath work.  Hanna Denison of Le Wild taught us about beautifying, hormone balancing herbs.  Turns out it's all about nettles ladies, but more on that soon!  She also shared some of her amazing essential oil blends that will soon be available at several shops in Los Angeles and on her upcoming website.  Courtney Russell of The Coconut Cult taught us about the importance of gut health and its beautifying benefits and shared some of their amazingly potent and equally delicious coconut yogurts.  We ended the day with Jacqueline Gion teaching us how to make dried flower bundles and smudge sticks from fresh sage and wildflowers while Sabastian Ross gave everyone scalp massages with Brahmi hair oil.  Needless to say we all ended the day beautified and blissed out and I can't wait to do it again.