Japanese Breakfast Sandwich

You've probably come to know and love the benefits of snacking on seaweed sheets: high in heart healthy omega-3s; high in thyroid supportive iodine; and high in beneficial micronutrients like calcium, vitamin B, and vitamin A. But who would have thought that seaweed sheets are great for more than just messy snacking?  Turns out they're great way to add a little salt and texture to salads, grilled fish, and yes even breakfast sandwiches.  I saw this recipe on a Japanese cooking show that was playing at a bus stop in Indonesia.  Emphasis on saw because I definitely didn't understand a word but this looked so good that I committed it to memory and knew that I would have to try it out when I got back home.  I tried it and loved it and it has since been added to my weekly breakfast rotation.  Recipe below.

Japanese Breakfast Sandwich

-1 sprouted English muffin

-3 roasted and salted seaweed sheets (or whatever flavor you like best)

-1/2 avocado

-1 slice of tomato

-1 poached egg (or whatever style you like best)

Toast a half or whole English muffin depending on your preference.  While it is toasting, boil water to poach your egg (Alton Brown has you covered with the perfect poached egg method) and slice your tomato and avocado.  Layer three slices of seaweed sheets onto the toast, add your tomato slice, add your avocado slices, add your poached egg, and salt and pepper to your taste.  Enjoy! 

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