Wild Woman // Jamie Arrigo


Jamie is one of those women who crosses your path and leaves you completely inspired.  She is a creative powerhouse working as both a photographer and the creator of Wallace and James, an online resource for holistic health and wellness with lots of information geared towards new moms.  In addition she's also a mama herself to the sweetest baby boy.  And somehow in the midst of wearing all these hats Jamie manages to be calm, cool living proof that women who build up other women are the best kind of women.  I'm beyond honored to feature her in the first installment of the Wild Woman series.  Read on to get to know and love Jamie! 

Name // Jamie Arrigo

Sign // Pisces Sun + Leo Moon

Your calling // Throughout my life, I have felt inspired to do many things and I think this will probably always be my path.  Photography, food and writing have been in my creative rotation as long as I can remember.   

How were you called // My mother has always encouraged me to be an artist.  She handed me my first camera when I was about 5 and continued to gift me inspirational tools throughout the years.  Easels, a loom, a calligraphy set and The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran are some of the most memorable.  My mother is a huge inspiration and has always told me to follow my heart.  

Advice to someone just starting out // I feel that I still have to much to learn but I would advise anyone in an artistic field to keep with it.  Keep making art that you love and the paying jobs will follow.  Be a good person and work hard.  Make good professional relationships and nurture them honestly.  Don’t be afraid to fail and learn from your mistakes.  

Where do you live // Highland Park

Why do you love it // The sense of community and the diversity.  I have the best Filipino neighbors that hand us BBQ over the fence, it’s unreal.  Kitchen Mouse and Amara Kitchen have really changed the landscape of the neighborhood and have made it possible to go out for healthy, organic food.  It was really after these two places opened that I started to really love where I live.  It’s starting to really feel like a community to me and I enjoy seeing familiar faces.

What drives you wild // Creating good work, making delicious food and laughing with my loved ones.  My life is pretty simple these days.   

Currently wild about // Wallace is the source of most of my joy.  He is in this incredible stage where everything is new, he is starting to say words by sounding them out.  He is able to understand more and he also is really in love with me right now so I am taking full advantage.  Also, my husband is everything to me.  He is my rock and I really don’t know who or where I would be if I didn’t have Bryan in my life.  Between Bryan and Wallace, I truly feel like I’ve got it all and want to spread the love.

Wild side or straight and narrow // It depends what we are talking about.  Food?  Drinks?  Places?  Wild Side always.  I will eat anything and go almost anywhere.  How I spend my weekends?  Straight and Narrow.  When I am not working, I enjoy being home with my family or taking short road trips and exploring the areas surrounding Los Angeles.

Wildest memory // The birth of Wallace was by far the wildest thing I have ever done.  

Wildest place you've ever traveled // Mallorca, Spain.  So much Sangria.  

Where into the wild are you dying to go // Our family has been dreaming about going to Alaska to visit one of my dearest friends, Sharron.  I hope to go next summer and do a photo essay on Salmon Fishing.

Wildest dreams for the future // My dreams for the future are pretty simple.  I would like to live outside of a city in a ranch house with my family.  I want to grow my own food, have goats for milk and chickens for eggs.  I would like to maintain a career that allows me to watch my children grow into good people.  To still laugh uncontrollably with my husband when we are 80 and to always jump in the ocean when I am there.  I think the ocean is the fountain of youth.