Sweat Theory

Blame it on growing up in the 100% humidity of Texas, to me there is nothing like a good sweat.  I've long been a devotee of the steam sauna but recently I've been hearing more and more about the benefits of infrared saunas and figured I should finally try it out for myself.  I got to spend a day at Sweat Theory in Hollywood trying out their private infrared saunas and I'm totally hooked.  You get to spend an hour in a private room with a sauna and a shower full of organic bath products.  Their infrared saunas are handcrafted in California without the use of any chemical treatments to ensure the most cleansing experience possible.  Traditional saunas require high heat to make you break a sweat whereas infrared technology uses light and radiant heat to penetrate deep into skin tissue and heat the body directly instead of the air.   This means that you experience the same benefits at a lower temperature staving off the depletion that often comes with higher temperatures.  The benefits include: toxin release, improved immunity, increased blood and oxygen flow, decreased inflammation, reduced joint pain, and skin purification and pore cleansing.  Plus since the infrared heat is able to penetrate deep into the tissues, it stimulates the release of toxins from the fat deposits where they are usually stored helping to release deeply stored toxins such as mercury and other heavy metals.  If you're in LA visit Sweat Theory for a private sweat or bring a friend for a social sweat.  You'll start with a warming cayenne shot to get your blood flowing and end with a mineral shot loaded with over 35 trace minerals to replenish everything lost during your sweat and a cold lavender towelette to help seal up and tighten your pores.  They also do vitamin injections on site if you're going for major rejuvenation.  So go get sweaty already!