Cottage Cheese Protein Smoothie


Yes you read that right, cottage cheese in a smoothie.  Stick with me here.  Protein, I'm sure you've heard about its myriad benefits from helping you build muscle to keeping you fuller longer.  Well cottage cheese that hero of 90s dieting just happens to be an amazing source of protein.  1/2 cup of cottage cheese packs 14 grams of protein with only 80 calories as well as providing 7% of the calcium you need in a day.  The texture isn't for everyone so blending it into a smoothie is a great way for even the cottage cheese averse to reap its benefits.  I love this smoothie first thing in the morning as a more gentle wake up to my metabolism or right after a workout as a quick and easy way to get replenish my protein and carbohydrate stores.  Recipe below and don't worry if you're not doing dairy, just substitute vegan cottage cheese or vegan protein powder.   

Cottage Cheese Protein Smoothie

-1/4 cup of frozen organic berries

-1 cup of spinach

-1 tablespoon almond butter

-1/2 cup of cottage cheese

-1 teaspoon bee pollen

-1 teaspoon cacao nibs

-8 oz filtered water

Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.  Pour into a glass and top with bee pollen, cacao nibs, and any other superfoods you like and enjoy!