Wild Crafted // Nucifera

Meredith Baird Figone is many things: raw food chef, published author, and coconut expert.  Her latest book, Coconut Kitchen, is an ode to the superfood and features delicious coconut based recipes for every meal of the day.  So when Meredith started her skincare line Nucifera and released a coconut oil based body balm I knew it would be next level.  Her balm blends plant based oils and butters with medicinal grade essential oils for a hydrating moisturizer that is effortlessly cool and somehow both invigorating and soothing, much like Meredith herself.  Get to know Meredith below in the first of my Wild Crafted series in which I highlight the creators behind some of my favorite brands and products.

Name // Meredith Baird Figone

Sign // Taurus- Sun, Gemini- Rising, Aries - Moon.  Even though I’ve been told many times exactly what all of this means, I’m still not quite sure. I identify with Taurus the most, and would say I exhibit many of the traits associated with this sign- the good and the bad. I always like, and am friends with a lot of Taurus. When I read into what each sign means and how it relates to my chart- I definitely see how it fits. My friend Danielle Beinstein is really the master on interpreting all of this.  

What do you make // Plant based food and an all purpose coconut oil based skincare product - Nucifera Body - The Balm. It’s made of amazingly rich and nourishing plant based butters, oils, and high quality essential oils. I use it for everything! Hair, skin, face wash, the list goes on…. It makes your skin incredibly soft. I’ve used it throughout my entire pregnancy and I don’t have a single stretch mark I’m happy to report! 

When did you start // I’ve been passionate about a more holistic lifestyle most of my life. I’ve always tinkered with alternative methods in both the kitchen and in my personal care regime. Fortunately I’ve gotten better at it over the years,  and everything tastes and smells better! 

Specifically -  we launched Nucifera in January 2016. The reception and growth over the course of this year has been really amazing! We have a whole line of products slated to launch in 2017.

Advice to someone just starting out // Perhaps it sounds a bit cliche but it couldn’t be more true- follow your passion! When I went to school post college to study raw foods pretty much everyone that knew me thought I was a little nuts, and I thought so myself. Now raw food, green juice, holistic skincare - all of it - has become so mainstream. I used to think it was my own little bubble, and certainly living in LA (there IS a bubble) but the growth in the whole industry has been tremendous. 

And also, (another cliche) just do it, and be consistent. I think most people get analysis paralysis when it comes to following their dreams, and then they become fickle. We all evolve and change, and that’s OK- but to really be successful in something you have to believe in it to your core and stick with it. 

What is your favorite creation // My newborn baby girl! 

Where do you find inspiration // Everywhere- but probably my greatest source of inspiration is in visual arts. Whether it be photography, painting, film- all sources of print materials- fashion, etc.

Do you have any creative rituals //  On the daily- My creative rituals are my little OCD morning habits. I wipe down my kitchen and work space with a damp cloth doused in  peppermint oil - I get really flustered by fingerprints (I’m sure having a baby will dissolve that). Then I’ll burn a little palo santo or incense.  I’m definitely someone that has to  have to have things in my version of order to get anything done (which is a good and bad thing with working from home).  Then I’ll make tea or coffee laced with coconut oil whatever tonic herbs and healthy fat I’m into at the moment. And then… I sit down to my computer - and I often feel a flood of excitement and creativity at that time.  I also love to bathe, walk, hike, and go to the beach - all of which inspires me in a different way. 

Can you share a recipe that fuels your creativity // One of my favorite things is when I look in the refrigerator and feel like there is nothing in it, but I’m usually able to come up with something or make a juice. I have a version of juice that I call “Stem Juice” which doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s a great way to use up all the stems and things that you have in your refrigerator after cooking. The only thing that it helps to have on hand in addition to the stems is an apple and a head of celery- both of which last in the refrigerator for a long time.   

Stem Juice (recipe is of course approximate)
Handful of each:
-Fennel fronds/ stalks
-Kale stems (from making salads) 
-Herb stems- cilantro, parsley, basil etc. 
-Carrots or root vegetable remnants
-Lemon! Juice the whole lemon, even if it’s already been juiced. I juice the peel and everything. 
-1 apple
-½ head of celery
*Ginger and turmeric both make great additions

Juice! Makes enough to serve 2-4