My name is Abby Hantel and I'm an LA based holistic nutritionist, doula, lactation educator, and women's wellness expert.  

My wellness journey started almost a decade ago during four years spent traveling the world.  On these travels I found unique cultures and artisans, local produce and exotic cuisines, and most importantly I started to find my place among the global sisterhood we share as women.  Upon returning home I moved from New York to Los Angeles to pursue a masters in holistic nutrition, become a doula and lactation educator, and study raw foods and herbs.   

All of these experiences inform the life that I lead now as I truly believe in a holistic approach to wellness and it is something that I want to celebrate and share with women everywhere through this site.  I have the experience to meet you wherever you are on your journey and impact positive change and I hope that you'll enjoy following me along on mine.


-New York University // Bachelor of Arts in French Literature + Romance Languages

-American College of Healthcare Sciences // Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition

-Bini Birth // D.O.N.A. Certified Birth Doula Training with Ana Paula Markel

-The Mama Circle // Birth + Postpartum Doula Training with Erica Chidi Cohen

-U.C. San Diego Extension // Lactation Educator Counselor Training Program